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  • I’m a Lion…What Are You?

    Do you describe yourself as a “morning person”? Maybe people say that you’re a “night owl”. Do you feel like you have more energy at 10PM or 10AM? Estimates vary, but up to half are either morning or evening people. However, most people are neither evening nor morning types but lie somewhere in between. According […]

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  • Healthy Food Substitutions

    As I write this post, I am 38 days into 100 days of eating no sugars and no grains. There are been some temptations along the way, but I’ve managed to stay on track so far…each day it gets easier. As I do this Holistic Hundred Challenge, I’ve come across some pretty good alternatives for […]

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  • Pre-Workout Supplement Review

    I review lots of products, but sometimes, it’s just not feasible for me to buy from several different manufacturers and try the products myself. So when I come across someone that has done the research for me, I’m always curious as to what the criteria was for the review. I can usually poke lots of […]

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