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Meal Replacement Drinks

It seems like meal replacement shakes and drinks are all the rage in the health and nutrition world right now. These “easy” and “conveinent” options for people to drink in place of a solid-food meal are nothing new. Slim-Fast has been promoting their shakes for almost 30 years now. Remember the slogan “a shake for […]

Little Debbie Ironman. Huh?

Two weeks ago it was announced that Little Debbie was signed on as the title sponsor for the newest Ironman race to be held in Chattanooga. The race will take place on September 28th in the beautiful mountains of eastern Tennessee. If you are a friend of mine, or follow this blog (hopefully you are […]

Gluten Part 1 – What is it??

The word Gluten mean “glue” in Latin. In simple terms, it’s the glue that holds breads, cakes, pastas and other wheat products together. Gluten gives dough its elasticity and makes the final food product chewy. If you’ve ever made bread or cookies from scratch, you know how sticky the dough can be. This stickiness is […]

Genetic Testing

A few months ago I filled up a tube full of saliva and mailed it off the 23andMe. Once they received my specimen, they did a full DNA analysis and provided me with ancestry-related genetic reports as well as tons of raw genetic data. This is a really cool test and the amount of information […]

Eating Healthy in 2014

It’s January 1st. The start of a new year – a clean slate, a fresh start. I’ve received several messages from people over the last few days telling me that they have decided to start eating better in 2014 and wanted to know if I had any easy tips or tricks for them. I do. […]

Holiday Eating Tips

It’s pretty easy to go overboard and gain a few pounds over the next 5 weeks. It starts with Thanksgiving and then with the constant parties during December, there are way too many opportunities to either over-eat or eat junk that you normally wouldn’t. Don’t worry, I’m realistic – I know that completely staying away […]