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  • Capture3

    The Link Between Exercise and Anxiety

    Why do you exercise? There is a long list of benefits to staying physically active, but a new study reviles that it also halves the risk of developing clinical anxiety over time. The study, from Sweden, focused on skiing, but the researchers said almost any kind of aerobic activity likely helps protect us against excessive […]

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  • morning-5

    Best Time of Day To Exercise? Depends On Your Goals.

    A study published at the end of 2020 found that those who completed afternoon workouts upped their metabolic health far more than those who performed the same exercise earlier in the day. The results are the latest in a line of results that show the time of day we exercise may change the benefits we […]

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  • treadmill-running-guide1

    How To Make Those Hard Runs Easier

    A recent study found that the more runners distract themselves from what their bodies are doing, the more effortless their run may feel, and the better their performance. The new study was published on October 1st of this year in the Journal of Motor Learning and Development. Researchers at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville […]

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  • treadmill

    Calculating Calories Burned Through Exercise? Turns out it’s Wildly Inaccurate!

    The results of a new study that was published in August confirms what I’ve been telling people for years – exercise is a horrible way to try and lose weight!Turns out those “calories burned” calculators on fitness apps or exercise equipment at the gym are not even close to being accurate. Think you just burned […]

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  • your-metabolism-change

    What We’ve Been Told About Metabolism Is Wrong

    A new study came out last week in Science magazine. These researchers have precisely measured life’s metabolic highs and lows, from birth to old age, and the findings will surprise you. The findings suggests that your metabolism (the rate at which you burn calories) actually peaks much earlier in life, and starts its inevitable decline later […]

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  • vending

    Healthy Eating Tips When You Are At Work

    According to Johns Hopkins, physically active jobs now make up less than 20% of the U.S. workforce, down from roughly half of jobs in 1960., I assume that most people have heard of the health risks associated with prolonged sitting (it’s the new smoking), but there is another rick involved with being in an office […]

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