Anthem 5K Pictures

Here’s some pictures from Saturday’s race. The first two are copyright of Brightroom Photography. The third picture is of some of our KIDS Center run team after the race!

For the record, the older guy in these pictures is 60 years old…and fast! I only beat him by 45 seconds. He finished first in his age group.

Pictured here (from left to right) is James, Me, Becca, Bridgette, Bob and Tricia. Congrats on a great race everyone!

2/26/11: Run – Anthem 5K (3.10 miles in 20:03)
2/28/11: Bike – Form Sprints and Spin Class (27 miles in 1:20:01)
3/1/11: Run -Fartlek run (5.87 miles in 42:59)
3/1/11: Weights – Body Weight Superset Series
3/2/11: Run -Mile repeats (4.82 miles in 41:54)
3/2/11: Swim – TrainSmart Swim Group – 2750 yd in 1:05:00
3/3/11: Bike – Big Gear Climbs and Spin Class (15 miles in 50:00)
3/3/11: Swim – 1 mile at 75% effort – 1776 yd in 32:25

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