Back In The Groove…Almost

Today finished off my first week of full training since my knee injury 6 weeks ago. I’ve been able to swim and run (short distances) since the injury, but wasn’t able to put together a full week of swimming, biking and running. So after my run this morning, it seems as if everything is back to normal. I felt a little weak on the run, but that could be due to the massive hills that I was climbing (see elevation chart below).

My training plan called for this to be just under an 11 hour week. After it was all said and done, I put in 9 hours and 30 minutes. I lost about an hour on the bike yesterday morning due to an unexpected event (you know who you are!). But overall I’m very happy with the work I put in this week and the results. Volume steps up again next week…fingers and toes are crossed!

1 hour on the bike listening to the Pure Fit Radio podcast…go stuff.
AVG HR = 133
MAX HR = 147
30 minutes in the pool. A few drills, but mainly just a comfortable swim. Covered 0.81 miles

11.07 mile run with lots of hills. Time was 1:30:27 (8:10 min/mile). This isn’t blazing fast, but my legs felt heavy from the start and this course had constant rolling hills with some monster climbs mixed in. Check out the profile:

Disregard the speed blip in the middle. RunKeeper lost it’s GPS signal for a minute and thought that I ran incredible fast!

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