Back In The Saddle

My last training on the bike was Monday, January 18th (4 weeks ago). After riding through pain that morning, I knew that I needed to take some time off from the bike to let me knee heal. This morning I taped up my knee and climbed back on the saddle for a “test the waters” ride.

Good news is that my knee felt fine. I didn’t push it and just did 30 minutes at a comfortable pace. I’ll try again on Thursday – maybe a full 45 minute spin class if all goes well.

I plan on taking it easy with the running and biking this week and if all goes well, I’ll try and get back into my training plan next week. Only problem is that, counting this week, I’m 6 weeks behind! The plan is to cut a week out of each of the two Build Phases and cut a week out of the Peak Phase. This leaves me 4 weeks (assuming I can start next week) in the Base Phase to get my fitness back before getting into the Build Phases…time will tell!

Ran 5.97 miles in 44:56 (7:31 min/mile pace).
I taped up my knee with some KT Tape and it felt great the whole run. My heart rate was a little higher than I would like, but it will get back down as I get my aerobic fitness back.
AVG HR = 163 bpm
MAX HR = 172 bpm

Rode for 30 minutes on the bike with my knee taped. Kept a pretty stead pace, probably only covered around 8 miles or so.
Swam 1050 yd in 23:03
5 minutes of warm-up, then 5 minutes of drills
Swam 400 yd at sprint race pace in 6:55 (30:25 min/mile pace)
5 minute cool down practicing sighting

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