Back on the bike

Headed out around 7:30 this morning for a ride. It was about 45F, so I put on the Under Armour gear and long bike pants. I pledge my allegiance to Under Armour…the stuff works! Only part of my body that didn’t stay toasty was my toes.

With all of the run-specific training I did over the last two months, I haven’t been on my bike in a long time. I knew that I was going to forget something. I remembered everything with the exception of my HR monitor and my Chamois Butt’r. What’s is Chamois Butt’r? Well, it keeps my underside from hurting on long rides.

I noticed about 10 miles into my ride that my perineum was hurting. Look it up, it’s a real place. It’s also the place that usually get’s some Chamois Butt’r rubbed on it before I ride. So other than being a little sore, it was a great ride this morning!

19.09 miles on the bike in 1:02:53 (18.24 mph). A little slower than I usually ride, but I made an effort to stay seated on the hills…which there were lots of!

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