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It’s been a few weeks since I did any intervals, so after a failed attempt at swimming (see below), I did some 1/2 mile intervals. Started with 10 minutes of warm-up, then went right into my intervals with 1:00 rest in between.

As usual, I wanted to keep them around the 3:40 mark:

(1) 3:28
(2) 3:29
(3) 3:28
(4) 3:33
(5) 3:34
(6) 3:41

I’ve never worn my HR monitor while doing intervals, so it was interesting to see what was going on with my cardiovascular system as the intervals became harder and harder.
During warm-ups, my HR stayed in the lower 140’s (Zone 1). It moved from 140 up to the mid 160’s as I ran each interval. During the 1 minute rest periods, it would quickly drop back down into the 130’s. During the end of the last two intervals, my HR moved up into the high 170’s (Zones 4 & 5a), which is close to my threshold. Highest I ever saw was 178, which is still not quite into Zone 5b (anaerobic endurance), but my level of exertion was about a 9, so I think the running HR zones I established are pretty accurate.

My plan was to swim about a mile before running. There were a few people in the pool when I arrived at the gym, so I immediately headed into the water. I woke up Sunday morning with a little pain in my shoulder. I went for a ride Sunday and then lifted weights yesterday with no problems…never even thought about it again…until I started swimming this morning. There was pain in my left shoulder with every stroke. If I’ve learned anything in my training, it’s not to “work through” an injury. So I immediately stopped swimming. Not sure if this is just a case of sleeping on it wrong or if I’ve injured it somehow. Time will tell.

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