Last long ride before next weekend’s race. Took White Lighting (that’s my bike) on a 40 mile ride this morning, followed by a 2 mile run. Doing two disciplines back-to-back is known as a “brick”. I wanted to practice the bike to run transition because to me, this is the most difficult part of a triathlon. Trying to run on legs that feel like jello after two hours on a bike isn’t easy. It usually takes me about half a mile before I feel normal running, today was no exception.

The bike ride was fun, as it usually is. Although I do not enjoy the sun rises getting later and later…I had to sit in the garage and wait 15 minutes this morning for the sun to come up. Saw two deer and heard a rooster crow on the ride today – pretty eventful. I wasn’t chased by the Jack Russell this morning like I usually am on this route…I kind of missed seeing the little guy!

This next week leading up to the Tri Indy will be a fairly easy one, which my legs are excited about!

As a side note, I’d like to mention a couple of fellow cyclists that I see out most Saturday or Sunday mornings. Sometimes it’s two guys, other days, they have a third rider with them. If anyone has ever run or rode, you know that you always acknowledge follow runners or cyclists as you pass them. Maybe it’s a little wave, or a simple head-nod. It’s just considered common courtesy. Every time I see these guys, whether we’re going opposite directions, or I’m passing them, I always either give a wave or say good morning. I have never received any sort of response. I’m not sure what the problem is, but I do get some joy out of flying past these dudes like they are sitting still. I won’t stop being courteous, but I also won’t stop kicking it up a notch as I leave them in my dust!

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