Busy Saturday!

Started off the morning by heading out to see my wife Jessica run her first road race. It was a 5K through the zoo. She did an awesome job and has now apparently caught the “bug”. She’s already looking for another race to run. I couldn’t be more proud of her. She’s the definition of a super woman. A great mom, photographer, and now athlete? I’m having trouble keeping up!

After the race, we spent some time hanging out at the zoo…which is always fun. It’s one of Kate’s favorite places! Here’s some pictures from our day:

After the zoo, I managed to sneak in a brick workout, which went really well. I’m down to 6 days until my first even half-ironman. Am I ready? I hope so, because there’s nothing that I can do at this point to increase my endurance…let’s just hope all the training was enough!

1h30m on the bike.
10 minute warm-up in heart rate zones 1 & 2
70 minutes of hard riding in zone 3 (avg HR = 140)
10 minute cool-down
Followed the workout with 45 minutes of weights (back, shoulders, biceps, abs)



Bike – 20.64 miles in 1:04:19 (19.25 mph) – Avg HR = 137
Transition – 2:43 – Avg HR = 114
Run – 4.06 miles in 30:10 (7:25 min/mile) – Avg HR = 153
Total Workout – 24.7 miles in 1:37:16 – Avg HR = 141

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