Cardinal Harbour Triathlon Pictures

One last post on last weekend’s race and then we’ll close this chapter of my racing career…for good!

Transition area before the race. Beautiful Ohio River in the background.
Putting the final touches on my transition area prior to the race.
Dad and I before the race. I can’t express how great it is to have a supportive family!
I’m out there somewhere. I’m the one in the white cap.
Finally out of the water…my expression says it all. Not a good start to the day!
Getting my socks and bike shoes on in T1.
Heading out on the bike. Little did I know how these wheels would fail me in about 12 minutes!
 FINALLY heading out on the run…four and a half hours after I entered the water!
Steps from the finish line…after the toughest run of my life!
Crossed the line and collapsed. I can honestly say that I left it all out on the course.
What’s left of the skin on my pinkie toe!
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