Confirmed: More Exercise = Better Health

I don’t make a habit of reading the San Francisco Chronicle, but I saw a link to this story on a triathlon website, so I thought I would share it.

You can read the whole article, but here’s the gist: The results of a study show that the more miles people run, the less likely they are to develop heart disease or have strokes. The health improvements continue up to 50 miles a week! The health improvements don’t just apply to runners – any sort of regular aerobic activity helps, and the more hours people put in, the more benefits they’ll see.

Uhh…I think we all knew this already.

1 mile warm-up at an easy pace
5 minutes of drills
9 x 1/4 mile intervals at 5K race pace with 1/4 mile jog in between each (I meant to do 10 intervals, but I lost count – it was only 9 once I looked at my watch when I was done)

1/4 mile splits:
1:40 – HR = 158 bpm
1:38 – 162 bpm
1:39 – 163 bpm
1:39 – 167 bpm
1:41 – 165 bpm
1:38 – 167 bpm
1:40 – 168 bpm
1:41 – 168 bpm
1:25 – 171 bpm

1/2 mile cool-down

Total workout =6.15 miles in 50:46

I think I might have messed up doing this workout today. My knee was feeling near 90% the last 3-4 days, but now it’s tightened up again as the day’s gone on. I’ll ice it tonight and see how it feels tomorrow…Saturday morning’s run just got scrapped!!

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