Dealing with an injury

I’ve been very fortunate in the injury department. I’ve been training exclusively for triathlons for a little over 13 months now and I’ve yet to have any major injuries. A shin splint and a sore shoulder are all I’ve dealt with and neither kept me out (running for the shin and swimming for the shoulder) for more than two weeks. This recent knee issue appears to be nothing major.
I went to see my buddy Kevin at the Rudy J. Ellis Sports Medicine Center yesterday and he checked my knee out. Looks like there’s no damage to the knee itself, it’s just a little stressed from the added mileage. After getting the knee warmed up, he worked it a little bit and then did a quick tape job to help support the patella (knee nap).

Most likely this recent knee pain is caused by weaker hip abduction strength than I need for running the amount of miles I’ve been logging. He gave me some exercises to strengthen my hip abductors and told me to try a long run with this tape on my knee and see how it felt. See results of this morning’s run below…
Plan was to get in 2hr 15min on the bike. After only 7 minutes of warmup I realized that the knee was not going to make it. I could have ridden through the pain, but since I still wasn’t sure what was going on, I decided not to take a chance on turning a minor injury into a major one.
I had to improvise and after doing 45 minutes of weights (chest, arms, abs), I took out my frustration on the pool!
I swam 1.0 mile in 32:27 (my fastest time ever). I felt good and didn’t really push it until the last few laps. I was pretty pleased with my time.
I’m a little annoyed that my iPhone battery died before I finished my run. This means that my RunKeeper data was all jacked up. This is why I still wear a watch! I had to go old school and map my route once I got back using
Ran 14.12 miles in 1:52:15 (7:56 min/mile). I’m real happy with this time considering there were lots of hills. As a side note…no knee pain whatsoever!
Avg HR – 154 BPM
Max HR – 167 BPM
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