End of Base Phase

Today marked the end of my second round of Base Phase training…thankfully! This high volume / low intensity stuff is tough. Not only does it require more time, but moving at a slow rate of speed doesn’t do much for your confidence level either!

Tomorrow I move on to the Build Phase, in preparation for my next Half-Ironman on July 17th. Build Phase will allow me to mix in some “race pace” training, so my speed (and confidence) will be increasing in the next few weeks.

44:30 miles on the bike in 2:17:05 (19.39 mph)
Avg HR = 131 bpm
This was a little bit flatter course than I’ve been taking. I went back over and rode the course I used all last summer…it was a nice change of scenery!

Ran 13.90 miles in 1:57:50 (8:29 min/mile pace)
Very Challenging route with lots of rolling and a few big hills. Still managed to keep my heart rate in check.
Avg HR = 156 bpm

Elevation and speed profile from today’s run:

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