Endurance Building

I’m back in the Base Phase of my training. This mean’s lots of volume at a low intensity. My runs and rides are based on two things – time and heart rate. Pace/speed is not a concern at this point.

Today was my first long run since my race a week and a half ago…and it’s obvious that I need to build my endurance back up. Although I felt fine and could have continued running, my pace ended up being way too slow for where my heart rate was. This will improve over the next few weeks, but right now it looks pretty slow.

My target heart rate for these workouts is 154-162 bpm. I was able to maintain this range for the majority of the run this morning. It dipped below 154 a few times at the beginning, and jumped above 162 a few times when I unconsciously started to speed up. When this happened, I had to slow down to get it back under 162. Overall, my average HR was 156…right where I needed it to be.

Ran 11.41 miles in 1:35:24 (8:21 min/mile pace)
Avg HR = 156 bpm

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