Hello Spring, Nice To Meet You

No gloves.
No toboggan (they still called that?).
No Under Armour.
It was 52F this morning at 5:30 when I set off on my run…and I took off in a t-shirt, shorts and hat…and was comfortable.

One draw back to the warmer weather is the fact that I sweat more, which caused the tape on my knee to come loose about 30 minutes into my run. I contemplated stopping, but since the knee has felt good for the last week or so, I decided to run without it…worked out fine. No pain.

Ran 9.97 miles in 1:20:01 (8:00 min/miles)
Avg HR = 158 bpm
I stayed in heart rate zone 2 for the entire run and felt pretty comfortable. Can’t wait until the Build Phase where I can mix in some faster runs out of this aerobic zone!

Swam for 25 minutes. Did mostly drills and a few sprints. I did four 48yd sprints with 30 seconds of rest in between. Times were 40.23, 40.56, 40.93, 42.10…and I was DONE! I wanted to do 6-8 sprints, but as you can tell based on that last time, I had nothing left!

Ran 6 half-mile intervals with 1 minute rest in between. Instead of just resting, I knocked out 30 set-ups between each interval. Here’s the workout with interval times and avg heart rates:
1 mile warm-up in 8:11
1) 150 bpm : 1/2 mile time -3:23
2) 158 – 3:23
3) 162 – 3:23
4) 165 – 3:25
5) 166 – 3:28
6) 164 – 3:31
1 mile cool-down in 8:05
Total workout = 5 miles in 45:02

Swam a total of 1.20 miles in 43:23
5 minute warm-up
1 mile in 33:12
5 minute cool-down

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