I found the cut off…

for what temperature I will attempt to get out and ride. It’s 38 degrees. When I looked at the forecast last night it said that the overnight low was 45F, so I knew that it would be chilly, but not too bad. I bundled up this morning and set out right as the sun came up at 7:30am. About 10 minutes into my ride, I knew that it was really cold! Despite gloves and two pair of socks, my fingers and toes were frozen. The rest of my body stayed fairly warm, thanks to Under Armour and my long-legged cycling pants. When I got back, I pulled up weather.com and saw this:

Fingers and toes were literally in pain by the time I got back home. This may have been my last outdoor ride for a while.
I went for one loop of the 19 mile route that I frequented this past summer…lots of good hills! Here’s the profile and speed chart from RunKeeper:

Lots of ups and downs on both the speed and elevation. Heart Rate averaged around 145 (lower end of zone 4) most of the ride, moving into the mid 150’s (zone 5a) on the hills). I’d like to ride in zone 3 (138-142) on long rides, but with all the hills on this route, it’s tough to keep it that low!

Rode 19.05 miles in 1:00:39 (18.85 mph average)

Ran 3.0 miles in 21:18 (7:06 min/mile pace)

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