Ironman Louisville – Enhanced Results

I promise that I’m going to get around to typing my race report, just haven’t had time yet.

In the mean time, here’s some cool stats from

Luke Powell
Bib # 1255
Overall Place: 661
Gender Place: 559 
(yes, I was “chicked” by 102 females…including pros)
Division Place: 112
Total time: 12:08:39
Time: 1:12:23
Pace: 1:54 / 100 meters
Overall place: 828
Gender place: 662
Division place: 137
Time: 6:43
Overall place: 979
Gender place: 750
Division place: 140
Total Time After T1: 1:19:06
Overall place: 808
Gender place: 653
Division place: 135 (+2)
Time: 6:08:01
Pace: 18.3 mph
Overall place: 851
Gender place: 746
Division place: 142
Total Time after Bike: 7:27:07
Overall place: 812
Gender place: 707
Division place: 138 (-3)
Time: 11:25
Overall place: 1695
Gender place: 1275
Division place: 24
Total Time After T2: 7:38:32
Overall place: 849
Gender place: 731
Division place: 142 (-4)
Time: 4:30:09
Pace: 10:18 / mile
Overall place: 624
Gender place: 508
Division place: 101 (+41)

The things that stick out the most are my transition times. There’s an easy explanation for these…I was stretching and putting on BioFreeze in the changing tents during both T1 and T2. Without the IT band injury, I would have been 4-5 minutes faster in both transitions. I also stopped three times on the run to put on more BioFreeze to numb the pain. So I have no doubt that I could have done a sub 12 hour race if I was completely healthy. I don’t want this to come off the wrong way – I’m completely happy with my race and it went better than I expected. I just felt the need to explain why my transition times were so slow.

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  1. Marcus September 3, 2011 at 9:54 AM #

    I also did IMLOU. I was curious how you found those stats on slowtwitch? I don’t use that site much, so I couldn’t find them. Any direction would be great. Thanks! And congrats!

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