Ironman Louisville

As I’m typing this Paul Ambrose is running down the chute on his way to his first Ironman title!

The crowd, which is huge at 4th Street Live! is going crazy as they welcome him to the line. It has been quite a day for the 26-year-old who is a citizen of Great Britain.

Paul finished with a time of 8:29:59, with a swim of 48:39 (1:16 per 100m pace), a bike of 4:31:36 (24.74 mph), and a 3:05:09 (7:04 min/mile) marathon.

I can personally attest to the battle that the athlete’s are going through today. The heat and humidity are almost unbearable. Crossing the finish line is going to be tough for many.  

Some pictures from this morning:

 Transition area before the start of the race.

Sun coming up as the first athlete’s enter the water.

T1 is empty (almost) as everyone is out of the water and on their bikes.

We ventured down to the finish line around 5:00, it’s pretty awesome!



5.27 miles in 37:57 (7:12 min/mile pace)
This was just a run at a pace slightly above comfortable. I pushed it the whole way, but I didn’t get too crazy.
Avg HR = 158 bpm
Max HR = 174 bpm

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