Ironman Registration

E-mail confirmation of my 2011 Louisville Ironman Registration:

I’ve registered for lots of triathlons and road races over the last few years, but this one was definitely unique. Typically you are just asked your name, age, and your USAT Member number. The Ironman registration asked a total of 30 questions. Here’s some of the things that they require participants to answer:

– Country you will represent

– 5 questions on existing and past medical issues

– Do you wear contact lenses?

– Your insurance provider and policy number

– Your hometown newspaper and TV station

– Athletic accomplishments

– Level of education

– Occupation

– Professional or academic honors

– Why are you competing the Ford Ironman?

– Significant information regarding your training

The registration literally took me 20 minutes to complete. I’m not sure what they do with all this information, I guess I’ll find out.



15.0 miles in Zone 2, completed in 2:07:09 (8:29 min/mile pace)
Pretty good run this morning, I was able to keep my HR in zone 2 for all but 22 minutes of the run and still maintain a decent pace.
Avg HR = 158 bpm
Max HR = 167 bpm

Here’s one of the charts that I get from Training Peaks, the new website that I use to track my workouts. This chart shows the amount of time I was in each HR Zone.

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