Ironman World Championship – Part 2

I’ve done two races that had a “wave” swim start. This means that you are in the water with other competitors and they fire a gun/cannon/buzzer or just yell “go” to tell you when to start. This is a very interesting experience. Trying to swim in close quarters is not easy. I’ve been kicked in the face both times (knocking my goggles off once). Everyone eventually spreads out, but those first few minutes are crazy.

The Ironman World Championship in Hawaii this Saturday will have two waves: professionals, and age groupers (everyone else). There are 101 professionals racing and 1752 age groupers. Try to imagine over 1700 people all grouped together trying to swim! It’s been described as “a washing machine”. Check out the slo-mo video below (lifeguards are on surf boards and in kayaks):

Today’s Workout:
It’s Tuesday, so I did some intervals.

5 minutes of warm-up (easy jog)
5 minutes of drills
7 x 1/2 mile intervals with 1:00 rest between
5 minutes of cool-down (easy jog and walk)
10 minutes of stretching
Total workout was around an hour

Goal was to keep each interval around the 3:40 mark (7:20/mile pace)

(1) 3:38
(2) 3:40
(3) 3:40
(4) 3:42
(5) 3:39
(6) 3:38
(7) 3:35

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