Kona 09 Review/Run Bonk

I finally found the time last night to sit down and watch the NBC coverage of the Ironman World Championships that aired last Saturday. As always, NBC did a great job. Good interviews and stories on athletes and pretty decent coverage of the actual race…of course, I watched live coverage of the race on Ironman.com when it was happening back in October. Even knowing the outcome, it was still fun and exciting to watch.

I’ve been known to cry like a baby when watching movies. Call me a wuss, sissy, whatever you want…I can’t help it. I’m also not ashamed to admit that I had to fight back tears a few times while watching the Ironman Championship. Some of the things that people have gone through just to get to there are amazing.

Check out a short clip here.

Something else that grabbed my attention was the Professional Traithlete’s hitting a wall on the run. They showed clips of 2 or 3 pros that had to walk portions of the marathon. These are people that have no other job than to train for triathlons…and sometimes their bodies still can’t do it come race day. Makes you think.

2hr20min on the bike in heart rate Zone 2. No spin class today, so it was just me and the bike for 140 minutes. Legs responded pretty good and other getting tired of staring at the wall, it was a good ride.
I might try to get back to the pool this afternoon for a quick swim.

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