Lance (yes that one) Coming Back to Triathlon

Lance Armstrong is currently “competing” in the Tour de France over across the pond. He said prior to the race that this year would be his last. Several days ago, after a few crashes put him way behind the leaders, he conceded that he now has no chance to win title number eight.

He’s already started to discuss what the next step in his career will be now that his Tour days are done. During a recent interview he said that he will now focus on triathlons. Few people realize that Lance was a very competitive triathlete at an early age, long before he turned to cycling. In this interview he mentions that he will start off with half-Ironman distances to test himself before doubling up to a full Ironman. It will be interesting to see how competitive the 38 year old will be…because you know he’s not going out there just for the fun of it!

Check out the video below of the 1989 National Sprint Triathlon Championship, in which an 18 year old Lance took home the title!



A quick little high-intensity swim is all I had time for, and was a good race week workout.
6:00 warm-up at race pace
4 x 100yd intervals (30s rest)
1:32 (28:06 min/mile pace)
1:34 (28:43)
1:37 (29:38)
1:33 (28:24)
5 minutes at race pace and a short cool-down
Total workout = 1008yd in 20:06



Little short Tempo run to keep the legs loose. I ran 20 minutes at a comfortable pace, then pushed it for 10 minutes before finishing with another 20 minutes at a comfortable pace.
Covered 6.67 miles in 50:56 (7:38 min/mile pace)
Avg HR = 158 bpm
My body is definitely feeling the effects of the cut back on carbs the last few days. Thankfully, the carbohydrate intake starts to increase today. I need the energy boost!

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