Mental Training: Conclusion

So in the last six posts, I’ve covered key aspects of mental training that are often neglected. I’ve just scratched the surface on this topic. The book is over 280 pages long, so obviously, if anything I’ve written has peaked your interest, go buy the book. It’s called The Triathlete’s Guide to Mental Training by Jim Taylor and Terri Schneider.

If you can remove the obstacles that keep you from performing your best (which are often mental), you clear the path to fulfillment of your goals in training and racing. At the end of the day, mastering the mental aspects of sports will help you in all walks of life.

You can find this book on for under $13.00, or check in the Sports/Fitness section of your local book store. I highly recommend it!



Zone 2 endurance building run
14.38 miles in 2:01:32 (8:27 min/mile pace)
Avg HR = 154 bpm
Max HR = 167 bpm
10 minutes of stretching after the run.
My body is still not at 100% after fighting stomach issues for the last 2 days. My legs felt really heavy for the first 3-4 miles, having me doubt my ability to do 14; but then I settled in.
Hills in Seneca & Cherokee Parks were brutal this morning! I’m glad to have this one out of the way!

Here’s my heart rate (top line) and elevation (bottom line) chart from the run – tough time staying in Zone 2 on the hills:

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