My 2010 Race Calendar

Several of the races that I plan to compete in this year have set official dates and opened up registration. For the most part, they are right when I anticipated…which is good since I’ve based my training plan around these dates!

Orange = date set and I’m already registered
Red = date not yet confirmed

3/6/10 – Anthem 5K (Run)
3/28/10 – Shelbyville Triathlon (Sprint Triathlon)
4/3/10 – Papa John’s 10 Miler (Run)
4/24/10 – miniMarathon (Half-Marathon)
5/15/10 – Taylorsville Triathlon (Half-Ironman Triathlon)
7/17/10 – Cardinal Harbour Triathlon (Half-Ironman Triathlon)
8/15/10 – TriIndy (Olympic Triathlon)
9/12/10 – BoilerMan Triathlon (Olympic Triathlon)
10/17/10 – Louisville Marathon (Full Marathon)

This is the plan…we’ll see how things shake out. Some of these are first time events for me and others are ones that I’ve done in the past and the goal will be to set a new PR.

My knee was hurting this morning so I decided to put the planned run on the shelf and head over to the Mary T. Meagher pool for some laps. To my disappointment, the full 50 meter lanes were cut in half. They had the dividers up because there were a few high school swim teams practicing and they needed the 25 yard distance. After a quick warm-up, I decided to swim for an hour straight. Felt pretty good and managed to cover approximately 2,700 meters (1.68 miles) in 1:00:33 – for a pace of 36:05 min/mile.

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