My Favorite Triathlon Related Websites

There are several websites that I use as part of my triathlon training/racing. Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • – This is where I log all of my workouts. I upload my training plan for the year via an Excel spreadsheet and then I can pull up the website through their iPhone app and see what my scheduled workout is for the day. I can also access all of my past workouts and categorize them by discipline and or date. Very useful! You can also load in nutritional data to track your eating if you want.
  • – Very good website, even if you are not a beginner. Lots of good articles and training tips/drills. You can track your races and discuss upcoming/past races with other athletes. Reading the race reports from the previous year’s race is also a good way to get a feel for a race that you’ve never done before.
  • – Lots of good posts on triathlon training and gear. Posts are added several times a week, so there are always new ones to read. Or you can check out the archives for specific topics that you want to learn more about (i.e. nutrition, open water swimming, finding the right bike, etc.)
  • – If you read my blog at all, you know how much I love Run Keeper. The iPhone app maps all my runs and bike rides and I can go to the website to look back at any runs and bikes from the past. Rumors are that they are going to incorporate heart rate monitoring into the software. That would be awesome! It also has a cool feature that lets you connect with friends that use the site. You can monitor each others runs and see where and when they run. Kind of sounds like stalking, but it’s not.
  • – I used this website a lot more before I found Run Keeper. You can use a map to plan your route before your run or ride. I like to plan out a route before I leave on a long bike ride. It keeps me from getting lost! You can store favorite routes and pull them back up for future use. I also use it once in a while to verify the distances I get from the GPS on my iPhone while using Run Keeper. 
  • – Tons of good info on food and supplements.  I use the categories on the right hand side to find out about specific foods and what I should be eating. There’s also meal planning and general news on food. Pretty cool stuff if you are into healthy eating…which I assume you are if you are reading this!

Swim – 5 minute warm-up with drills, then did a mile in 35:14. For my cool-down I did several laps working on sighting. I still don’t have my technique down, but I’m getting better. At least it doesn’t feel like I come to a complete stop every time I try and look above the water line! Total workout was 2520 yards (1.43 miles) 51:17.
Weights – 40 minutes of legs and abs. Focused on light weights with high reps to try and build strength in my upper legs so that once my knee heals, it won’t be a recurring problem!

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