My legs are shot!

My legs were feeling a little heavy on Sunday after the race Saturday morning. I thought the day off would be enough for them to fully recover. They were still tired on Monday, but I put in over 2 hours on the bike anyway. Then did running intervals yesterday…I paid the price for all this today.

The plan was to work on my negative splits today (I’ll post on this philosophy later). I did my first mile in a little over 8 minutes with plans to increase my pace throughout the run, finally finishing at a pace around 7:35-7:40 per mile. As I ran, I felt like I was running faster…but I wasn’t. I was asking for speed, but my legs weren’t giving it. I don’t feel overtrained, but it’s clear that my legs need a rest. Low output with a high perceived exertion is the definition of overtraining. So I’m making the decision to scrap my next run and only do some easy riding/swimming for the next few days. I’m too close to my first big race to blow it now!

Running Intervals (1mi x 4 with 1/4mi jog between each)
1.23 mile warm-up at 8:20 pace (Avg HR = 139)
1st mile – 6:57 – Avg HR=163
Recovery jog – 2:02 – 152
2) 7:11 – 166
Rec – 2:10 – 155
3) 7:24 – 167
Rec – 2:10 – 156
4) 7:21 – 168
Rec – 2:10 – 157
1.23 mile cool-down at 8:49 pace (Avg HR = 157)
Total Workout – 7.38 miles in 58:34


5 minute warm-up with drills
1 mile swim in 33:37
2 minute cool-down
Total Workout – 1.13mi in 41:38

Ran 9.64 miles in 1:21:15 (8:25 min/mile pace)
I thought my RunKeeper App was messing up, no way I was running this slow…come to find out, it was accurate.
45 minutes of weights (legs, abs)

Few more pics from the finish of the Papa John’s 10 Miler, which was inside Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium (courtesy of Brightroom):

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