Numbers for the year…

My first “A” Priority race of the year is tomorrow. I’m really excited right now, nerves will probably set in once my head hits the pillow tonight.

Before any big race, I like to look back and see exactly what my training volume has been for this race. Here’s a look back at what I’ve done since November 1st…when I started my training plan:

Swim – 27 hours 23 minutes | 44.86 miles | 36:36 min/mile avg. | 17,944 calories burned

Bike – 98 hours 24 minute | 1765.77 miles | 17.9 mph avg. | 70,630 calories burned

Run – 66 hours 38 minutes | 485.31 miles | 8:11 min/mile avg. | 48,531 calories burned

TOTALS – 192 hours 24 minutes | 2,295.94 miles | 137,105 calories burned

Not included in this is the approx. 2-3 hours a week of weight training

So if I had started heading west on November 1st, and been able to swim, bike and run…I would have made it all the way to Los Angeles, then turned around and made it all they way back to Las Vegas. I’m sure there’s a better way to get there though! Unless you’re Forest Gump.

Quick little brick just to get the legs going.
30 minutes on the bike (Avg. HR = 129)
Quick Transition (42 seconds) into a run
10 minute run at a little faster than race pace (1.4 miles) for a pace of 7:08 min/mile. Avg. HR = 159
Total workout – 40:51 – with an avg HR of 131

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