Peak Week

With my first Half-Ironman Triathlon only 10 days away, my training has turned to Peak Phase this week. Peak Phase is basically high-intensity, low-volume workouts to help your body reach maximum fitness right before your key race. Most of these workouts involve “race pace” training. Next week will be race week where things will taper off and involve very short workouts.



1h30min on the bike. Spin class consisted of 45 minutes of this workout, where I really pushed it to try and simulate my effort on race day. Average HR was 133, with most of the class spent in zone 3 (intensive endurance), 138-142 bpm.
45 minutes of weights (legs, abs)

1/2 mile intervals
1 mile warm-up (8:27) – Avg HR = 136
(8) 1/2 mile intervals with a steady build-up in speed during each interval. 30 seconds rest in between
1) 3:45 (Avg HR = 148)
2) 3:45 (151)
3) 3:40 (155)
4) 3:41 (157)
5) 3:39 (158)
6) 3:41 (160)
7) 3:43 (161)
8) 3:39 (163)
1 mile cool-down (7:42) – Avg HR = 153
As you can see, the 30 seconds of rest wasn’t enough for my heart rate to recover, it climbed pretty steadily throughout the workout, which is ok. I still managed to stay in zones 2 & 3, which is pretty good for such short intervals.
Total Workout: 6.0 miles in 55:13

20 minutes of weights (chest, triceps, abs)


1488yd in 29:54 (35:21 min/mile)
The first 10 minutes of so of this workout was done in the pool with my wetsuit on. I wanted to make sure that my issues at Taylorsville Lake last weekend were not due to my suit being too tight. Turns out I felt very comfortable in the pool with it on (other than it being way too hot). The hyperventilating at the lake must have been due to the cold water…I’ll have to figure out what to do about this for next Saturday’s race.

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