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Each year, during the Ironman World Championship race in Hawai’i, a count of what gear everyone is using is done. I find this interesting, so I thought that I would share it. 
Speed Suits:
TYR – 411
Blue70 – 316
XTerra – 96
Aquasphere – 51
Cervelo – 488
Trek – 185
Felt – 124
Specialized – 122
Scott – 96
Cannondale – 79
QR – 61
Argon 18 – 57
Kuota – 55
Orbea – 53
Asics – 337
Saucony – 247
Kswiss – 209
Newton – 187
Brooks – 143
Nike – 100
Mizuno – 96
Zoot – 86
Adidas – 86
New Balance – 38
If you want to see the full lists, they can be found at LavaMagazine.com
There are some interesting things at the bottom of these lists. For instance, one person apparently wore Crocs? I find it hard to believe the someone ran a marathon in Croc sandals! 

There was also a misguided runner that did the full 26.2 miles in Vibram five-fingers. They must have just finished reading “Born to Run”. If the race were on grass, I would understand this more.
There was also someone that rode the 112 miles on a mountain bike. I’ve seen lots of newbies on mountain bikes at sprint distance races, where you are riding anywhere from 12 to 16 miles…but to ride one for 112 miles? Why? Who are you trying to impress?!? 
Personally, I ride an Argon 18 and run in Asics. I’m not cool enough to own a speed suit!

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