Rodes City Run Results

Official Time – 44:07 (7:04 min/mile pace)
Overall Place – 325 out of 7951
Gender Place – 290 out of 3520
Age Group (30-34) Place – 53 out of 503

I stayed up watching the Louisville vs. Notre Dame game until after midnight. The game had me so jacked-up that I had trouble falling asleep. So after about 5-1/2 hours of restless sleeping, I was feeling sluggish at the start line.

I felt pretty good at the start of the race, but then I started having some breathing troubles and coughing around mile 4. Whatever this little virus I picked up is, it took a toll on me today. I was cruising along at my planned pace and then when I asked my body for a kick during the last two miles, I had nothing left. So I struggled through, finishing about a minute slower than I wanted. Either way, it’s still a PR – on to the next one!

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