Should I Train Even Though I’m Sick?

You may have noticed that I didn’t have a “TODAY’S WORKOUT” posted yesterday…or today. It’s because I’ve used my morning workout time to catch some extra ZZZ’s and try to get over my head cold.

I feel like I could do some training, but should I? It’s a common question…”Should I train when I’m sick?”

Here’s some basic rules to follow:

1. If the illness is above your throat, you can train. But if it is in your chest, you should not.

2. If you don’t feel well enough to go to work, then you don’t feel well enough to train.

3. If you have a fever – skip the workout. Your body is fighting the illness and all of your energy needs to be devoted to getting healthy!

4. If you are having trouble breathing, then don’t try to run/bike/swim.

These are just some general guidelines, but just use common sense. I probably could have got up and done a workout the last two days, but I just didn’t feel right when the alarm when off at 5am…so I turned it off and stayed in bed. Listen to your body and you will recover from your illness much quicker!

Fortunately for me, this little virus decided to visit me during my down time. The timing couldn’t be much better. This week was going to be “light” for me anyway. I’m currently finishing up my training plan for the next year, which I plan to start next week. I’m sure I’ll be feeling fine by then.

One more thing while I’m on the subject. Please cough and sneeze INTO YOUR SLEEVE, NOT YOUR HANDS! The best place to cough or sneeze is into your sleeve – specifically the elbow joint. When bent, your arm moulds to your nose and mouth, creating a confined area to cough or sneeze into. Do you part to stop H1N1!!!

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