Tom Sawyer Triathlon Results

Swim (800m)
14:44.16 (1:51/100m pace) – 2nd out of 10 in my age group (10th out of 126 overall)
1:18:14 -1/10 (1/126)
Bike (14 miles)
38:57.70 (21.6 mph) – 1/10 (2/126)
0:36.40 – 1/10 (3/126)
Run (5K)
21:16.52 (6:51 min/mile) – 1/10 (2/126)
1:16:52.9 (1/10) (2/126)
I cut almost 4 minutes off of my times from four years ago and managed to finish 2nd (my first Overall podium spot) and win my age group. Everything went really well and I’m obviously happy with the results. I’ll post a race report in the next few days…now it’s time to get back to watching the Olympics!!

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  1. Mike Hermanson August 14, 2012 at 12:30 AM #

    finally got around to reading this. congrats on taking such a large chunk of time off from the last time your raced this 2 years ago. Keep up the hard work!

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