Top 10 Ways To Live Longer

People in today’s society are always looking for a “magic bullet” or an easy way to lose weight, be healthy and live longer. Unfortunately, this does not exist. But there are several things that you can do that promote good overall health and will in turn, extend your life expectancy!
Courteously of Ben Greenfield, here are the Top 10 Ways to Live Longer:
10. Avoid Hospitals (they are one of the most dangerous places on the planet –  full of bacteria and medial errors)
9. Be Grateful (finding things to be grateful for, and vocalizing them has been shown to reduce stress)
8. Do Mental Exercises (challenge your brain by learning new things or working mental puzzles)
7. Take Care Of Your Gut (keep yourself regular ~ go #2 one or two times a day. Eat probiotics & fiber)
6. Sleep More/Less (7-8 hours a night is ideal…too much is just as harmful as not enough)
5. Exercise (mix it up – do aerobics, intervals, weights, and long slow distance)
4. Lower Your Calorie Consumption (figure out how many calories you need in a day to maintain a healthy weight and do not deviate from this amount. Avoid snacking and even do intermittent fasting ~ 12-14 hrs)
3. Have Sex Regularly (hormones released during sex have been shown to have tons of health benefits)
2. Avoid Heavy Drinking (don’t binge drink on the weekends or have a beer/glass of wine with dinner more than once or twice a week)
1. Don’t Smoke / Avoid Second Hand Smoke (this may be obvious, but even if you don’t smoke yourself, try and limit the amount of time you are around second hand smoke at home, in casino’s, bars, etc.)
So there you have it…the secret to a long life!
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