Training on the Road

I have to travel out of town once in a while for work, but I try not to let my training slip while I’m away from home. You can run anywhere and most hotels have a fitness center with a bike. So I was able to get in a decent run and bike while in Chicago the last 2 days.

Ran 5.68 miles in 43:13 (7:36 min/mile pace)
Left from my hotel around 6:15am and headed down a road basically until the sidewalk ran out, then I turned around and ran back. Ended up being a pretty good distance, but considering it had just rained, it was very hot and humid.

Biked for 1h10m and covered just under 20 miles. The indoor bike I usually ride at the gym pretty closely simulates a road bike. That wasn’t the case with the bike at the hotel this morning. It was I little cumbersome, but I did get to watch SportsCenter while I was riding, so it wasn’t all bad.

Sitting at Midway right now getting ready to head home!

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