Tri Indy Pictures

Transition area as the sun came up. Beautiful morning!
My Buddy Jon and I before the race. Congrats on finishing your first Olympic Distance Triathlon Jon!
Massive transition area full of bikes. Around 1200 participants!!
This is the canal where the swim portion was held. It’s a very unique venue…a little dirty, but unique.
 My girls and I at the swim start. Either that swim cap is too tight or I’m really surprised!
Finishing up the swim. Nice extension!
Checking my watch as I exit the water. That swim cap was blue when I started!!
Same picture from a different angle. Wow, it’s nice to have multiple photographers!
Unracking my bike in T1. Dude in the foreground has some sweet wheels and a cool aero helmet!
Kate playing with the Chick-fil-A cow. I’m betting that finger went up his nose.
Empty T1. Just about everyone is out on their bikes…except for #191
Coming into T2 after the 40K bike.
Bike racked, helmet off…putting on my race number belt.
Heading out on the run.
First lap done, heading out on lap 2 of the run.
I’m looking down at my watch in every picture of me crossing the finish line in my races. I need to look up, raise my arms, do a cartwheel….something.
Talking with Dad after the race. Not sure why he wore a Wisconsin shirt in the middle of Purdue country!!
My buddy (and Physical Therapist) Kevin and I after the race. He finished 25th in the Duathlon!
Jessica and I after the race. I’m surprised she wanted to get that close to me…I didn’t smell too fresh!
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