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I first heard the name Ben Greenfield back in April while searching for triathlon related podcasts on iTunes. I listen to podcasts to help pass the time while I am doing my long rides on the indoor bike. Ben has a podcast called “Ben Greenfield Fitness”. This weekly podcast gives lots of good info on training, nutrition and triathlon overall. He knows a lot about the sport and with his background in exercise physiology and biomechanics, as well as being a personal trainer and tri coach, he’s someone who’s opinion I value.

While listening to one of his podcasts, he discussed his “Triathlon Dominator” training program. He developed this Ironman (or Half-Ironman) training plan for those people who do not have the 20-30 hours a week most feel is required to train for a full Ironman distance triathlon.

I was immediately intrigued. I can squeeze in 12-15 hours of training a week during most weeks and maybe do 16 or 18 hours every once in a while. Time was really my limiting factor is my decision to not race Ironman this year. I felt that I just didn’t have the time required to train properly. Here’s the sales pitch:

“The Triathlon Dominator Package is your ultimate solution to 1) defying the myth that the you have to give up your life to train for Ironman triathlon, to 2) obtaining for yourself a complete, scientifically designed, step-by-step training, nutrition and lifestyle roadmap to cross the Ironman finish line with zero guesswork; and 3) a comprehensive solution to be 100% confident in your triathlon body, your Ironman fitness and the fact that you didn’t have to neglect work, wife, children, family and life to achieve your dream.”

After doing some research and reading lots of testimonials, I decided to bite the bullet. I’ll share lots more info on the “package” later on. I downloaded the training plan today and my first day of training for Ironman 2011 is officially Monday, December 20th. So much for a relaxing Christmas week!



2 hours on the indoor bike in Zone 2…building endurance
Same workout as the last few Friday’s – I did a 10 minute warm-up, then increased my heart rate to zone 2 (125-137 bpm) and held it there for an hour and forty minutes, then did a 10 minute cool-down.
Avg HR = 131 bpm
Max HR = 139 bpm



Covered 13.43 miles in 38:47 (20.8 mph). Good ride with lots of rolling hills. I pushed it pretty hard to try and simulate how my legs would feel coming off the bike during the race. 
Avg HR = 149 bpm with most of the time (over 24 minutes) spent in Zone 4.


Approx. 3 minutes


Covered 3.06 miles in 21:53 (7:09 min/mile pace). My legs felt heavy at first, but began to fire after about half a mile. The first half of the run is mostly downhill, then I turned around and went back up the incline. My average heart rate increased each mile I ran (159, 165, 170), which isn’t ideal, but considering I was able to hold my same pace going back up the hill, I would expect an elevated heart rate.
Avg. HR for the run = 165 bpm 



50 minutes on the bike. Nothing special here, just a tough Spin Class at the gym.  Instructor really pushed us with lots of hill work and intervals. 
Avg HR = 131 bpm
Max HR = 157 bpm


30 minutes of legs with some arms and chest mixed in.

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  1. Hawksbill Station October 20, 2010 at 7:29 PM #

    Found your blog looking for anything negative about Ben’s program and have yet to find any. I see you bit “the bullet” and bought his program. I’ve been doing Sprints for the last 4 years and finally did an Olympic last August. My plan now is to do a 1/2 marathon in December (Thunder Road, Charlotte, NC) and a HIM at White Lake, NC in May. I’ll download Ben’s program the first part of November, plus I just signed up for his newsletter. Good luck with the program!

  2. Hawksbill Station October 26, 2010 at 2:58 PM #

    How do you like the program so far?

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