Trying to eat heathy…

My wife and I have been making an effort to eat at home more often. We’ve decided to do this for lots of reasons (it’s cheaper, we have a 4 month old, it’s easier to eat healthy at home). We both try and eat as healthy as possible and it’s just tough to find something “healthy” when eating out. Even things that may seem to be a wise choice (salads, wraps, etc.) aren’t always.

Found this little handy guide in Men’s Health magazine on restaurant survival tips:

– Don’t ruin a healthy meal with your drink (we all know soda is bad, but sweet tea isn’t much better…stick with water. Add a lemon if you want some flavor)
– Leave the “free” bread alone (anything that’s put on the table before your food arrives is usually unhealthy. A couple bread sticks or biscuits can add hundreds on calories)
– Front load with protein (eat an appetizer loaded with protein to start your meal…preferable something that isn’t deep-fried or covered in cheese)
– Personalize your order (ask for whole wheat pasta & bread, hold the mayo, leave the bacon off…you get the idea)
– Order just side dishes (2-3 side dishes of veggies and/or fruit can make for a good meal)
– If you are getting pizza, go with thin crust (somewhere around 400 less calories per slice!)
– Don’t order combo meals at fast-food spots (go with the entree only)
– Eat slowly (it takes your stomach about 20 minutes to tell us that we’re full…give your food time to “settle”)
– Don’t clean your plate (get a to-go box and eat it for lunch the next day)
– Don’t eat dessert (duh!)

1 hour on the bike. Good workout in spin class, lots of long (3-5 min.) hills.
25 minutes in the pool. 5 minute warm-up, then 20 minutes at comfortable pace. Finally felt like I was in a good groove in the water today. Did 48 lengths (1152 yards) in 20:15 (30:56 min/mile pace).

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