Turn Back The Clock – Tom Sawyer Triathlon

The very first triathlon I did was the Tom Sawyer race on August 2, 2008. My friend Kelly had decided to do the race (his first triathlon also) and convinced me that it would be a fun. Of course this conversation took place exactly 7 weeks from race day. So with only 7 weeks to train, I bought a bike, started running again (after several years off) and attempted to swim (turns out I needed a few lots of lessons). Needless to say, I wasn’t completely ready come race day and a softball related knee injury three days before the race made every step of the run painful (see the bandage on my right knee in the picture). Here’s my results from that race:

Swim (800 meters) – 20:58.40 (41:56 min/mile pace) Yes, I know…it was bad.
T1 – 3:15:50
Bike (16 miles) – 43:47 (21.9 mph)
T2 – 1:13:20
Run (3.1 miles) – 31:07:90 (10:02 min/mile pace)
Total – 1:40:22.80 (12th out of 21 in my age group, 128th out of 271 overall)

Other than the bike portion, the race was a disaster…but I was hooked…and still am!

Tomorrow morning I will once again race in the Tom Sawyer Triathlon, this year being the 29th running of the annual race. I’m using this as just a training day and I’m really excited to do this sprint distance race. It will be interesting to see how much my times improve over two years ago!



Quick warm-up then I did a 1 mile (1752 yard) swim. Time for the mile was 33:12
Quick cool-down
Total – 1824 yards in 35:15

I also plan on heading over to Tom Sawyer Park and riding the bike course this afternoon….just to get a quick refresher on the route.

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