I love water. Most people have a favorite drink (Coke, tea, coffee, kool-aid, beer, etc.)…but my favorite drink is honestly water. I drink it constantly. Not only when working out, but all day long. When I wake up…water. When I work out…water. With meals…water. Before bed…water. You get the point.

I usually drink water that has been filtered to some degree, but plain ol tap water in Louisville doesn’t taste bad. I’ve been to other cities where the water tastes horrible! This report backs me up.

Good to know that our water is actually safe and ranks pretty high in comparison. So drink up!

2h30m on the bike in zone 2. 45m of this was spin class – the rest was just me and my HR monitor chugging along. I stayed in zone 2 most of the time, moving into zone 3 on some intervals and hills. Legs are tired!!!

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