Will Running In The Cold Make You Sick?

I don’t mind prefer running when it’s cold outside. I’ve yet to find a temperature that is too low for me to run in. I take proper precautions if it get’s below zero and cover all exposed skin, but air temperatures in the teens or even single digits don’t bother me. I ran last week when it was 16° F. I ran yesterday morning when it was 11° . Both times, I felt pretty good after getting warmed-up. Admittedly, getting to the point where I feel loose and my legs feel good takes longer in the cold, but it’s not a big deal.

I was told by two different people yesterday that “you’re going to get sick running when it’s this cold”. I gave both people the same response, “I’m not worried about it.”

I’ve spent that last three winters doing all of my running outside. I hate treadmills. Refuse to use them. So my runs this time of year are planned around the snow and ice, not the temperature. If it’s dry outside and the roads are fairly clear – I’ll dress accordingly and head out. I don’t hesitate to run outside in the cold because I know that it’s not the cold air makes you sick. You can’t catch a cold, the flu, or even pneumonia from exercising in the cold. Not even running outside butt naked in the freezing cold will make you sick. You actually have to pick up a germ or a virus from somewhere or someone. You are more likely to get sick by using a treadmill in a gym that someone just finished lathering with all of their germs! Think people clean the equipment? Think again.

So now you have one less excuse to keep you from running this winter. Buy some Under Armour and get your butt out the door!


The 2010 Ironman World Championship will be on NBC this Saturday, December 18th from 4:00-6:00pm.
The race was actually held on October 10th, but NBC likes to take their time preparing the footage. They include not only race coverage, but lots of stories on the participants as well. In my opinion, they spend too much time talking about the athlete’s and giving their life stories and not enough time showing the actual race. However, I understand that they are trying to make it something even non-triathletes will watch. So set your DVR (or watch it live if you’re old school) and enjoy one of the greatest Ironman World Championships ever…the men’s pro finish is awesome!!

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