KDF miniMarathon Race Report

As I stated in my race preview post, my goal was a 1:36 half-marathon. When I turned the corner from Main Street onto Brook Street, I was hoping that the finish line had been moved up…because that was my only shot at getting under 1:37. When I saw a few hundred yards between me and the finish line, I knew that my goal was out of reach. I finished in 1:37:22.

It was disappointing that I got so close. Those 23 seconds that I needed were lost in miles 8, 9 & 10. I was moving along at a steady pace up until that point. My mile splits went from 7:15-7:20 to 7:35-7:40. The ramps into and out of Churchill Downs is where I remember feeling like my effort really increased. My perceived level of exertion was the same, but my pace had slowed. I found a second wind and ran miles 12 and 13 in 7:22 and 7:19 – but the damage had been done. I’m not completely surprised at my time considering I have had only one run over 7 miles this season (the Papa John’s 10 Miler).

While I was walking around feeling sorry for myself after the race, I moseyed on back to the “Runner’s Reunite” area. I eventually found what I was looking for – the Kids Center booth in the Charity Village. I was part of Team ABILITY again this year. This team is a group of runners that commit to raise money for the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies as we train to run the miniMarathon. I ran the race in my Team ABILITY shirt and I’m always more than happy to tell people about this wonderful, local non-profit organization.

Hanging out at the booth was Kaylee and her mom Geri. I had never met either of them, but I always enjoy seeing kids that benefit from the services of the Kids Center. I instantly felt a connection with Kaylee because she was getting ready to celebrate her 3rd birthday. We just recently celebrated my son’s 3rd birthday, so I’m very familiar with kids this age. As I started to talk with Kaylee, my mood immediately changed. Her smile is contagious and I was instantly over being disappointed in my race time. Being around Kaylee and Geri was a good reminder as to what was really important – my fundraising goal.

Kaylee and I reading her book after the race.

Kaylee and I reading her book after the race.

2014 miniMarahon2

A few members of Team ABILITY (l-r): Shawn, Jeremy, Kaylee, Geri, Me, Steve

In year’s past I have been able to reach my goal of raising $500 for the Kids Center. This year, I didn’t get there – but there’s still time! I would encourage you to visit the Kids Center website and read more about what they do, then go to my fundraising page below and make a small donation. Even just $20 pays for an hour of therapy for a child.

Fundraising Page: Kids Center Donor Drive

Thanks in advance for your generosity. If you want to learn more about the Kids Center or Team ABILITY, please comment or drop me an email.

Be sure and visit all of my sponsor’s websites. I sought out these companies because they provide great products and services.


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