2010 Louisville Triple Crown of Running

If you live in or near Louisville and are a runner, you have to participate in the races held around Kentucky Derby time every year. The dates of the races have been announced and registration is open! There are a total of 4 races (first 3 are called the “Triple Crown of Running”), and no matter what your ability, there’s a race just for you.

Race #1: Anthem 5K Fitness Classic (3/6/10) – 5K (3.10 miles)

Race #2: Rodes City Run 10K (3/20/10) – 10K (6.20 miles)

Race #3: Papa John’s 10 Miler (4/3/10) – 16.09K (10 miles)

Race #4: Derby Festival Mini-Marathon/Marathon (4/24/10) – 21K (13.1 miles) / 42K (26.2 miles)

I’ve already registered for all but the 10 miler (I may be on vacation that week). So if you are looking for some motivation, go ahead and register now! Start training today and come spring time, these distances will seem like a piece of cake!

Register for the races by following these links:

Triple Crown of Running (Races 1, 2 & 3)

Anthem 5K Fitness Classic

Rodes City Run 10K

Papa John’s 10 Miler

Derby Festival Mini-Marathon/Marathon

50 minutes of spinning (lots of sprints), probably covered around 18 miles
30 minutes of weights (legs and abs)

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