These dudes are hard core!

If you are a runner, you’ve at one point or another had a black toenail or lost a toenail altogether. It’s just a part of being a runner…not pretty, but you deal with it. According to an article in the New York Times today, some ultramarathoners have their battered toenails surgically removed — for good. Ultramarathons are 50 to 100 mile races. The surgery involves having acid poured onto a nail bed!

The podiatrists interviewed for the article said that permanent toenail removal should be a last resort. Many blackened toenails can be solved by wearing shoes that aren’t too snug, or ones that accommodate the foot swelling that’s the norm with long distances, or by filing the nails flat on top.

My wife is already disgusted by my feet – hate to think about what they would look like without toenails!!

45 minutes of weights (back, biceps and abs)
15 minutes of swimming – first time back in the pool in about 2 weeks, felt good to swim again. Took me a few laps to get in a rythym. Did about 5 minutes of swimming drills after 10 minutes of laps.

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  1. Vogue Visions Photography October 23, 2009 at 4:54 PM #

    For the record– I am not disgusted by your feet. They are unique :)

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