2011 Stats

So even though my training/race season doesn’t exactly follow the calendar year, it’s fun to look back each January and see the total amount of time and distances I logged the previous year. So here’s what I did in 2011:

Swim – 90hr 5min (149.64 miles)

Bike – 156hr 15min (2,963.62 miles)

Run – 83hr 3min (599.88 miles)

TOTALS – 329hr 23min (3,713.14 miles)
Time spent lifting weights, aqua-jogging and other random cardio activities (elliptical, rowing machine, etc.) are not included in these numbers.
Just for fun, I looked at how far I could have gone from Louisville with each discipline. If I jumped in the Ohio River at downtown Louisville, 149 miles of swimming upstream would take me 20 miles past Cincinnati to a little town called California, KY…population 86 (it exists, look it up).
As for the biking, 2,963 miles would get me from Louisville to Los Angeles, then up the coast to Portland, Oregon…all on roads that can be ridden on, no Interstates.
Running south 600 miles from Louisville would have taken me to Jacksonville, Florida…or if I wanted to go northeast, I could have made it to Philadelphia.

These numbers may look crazy to a non-triathlete, but I would venture to guess that they are very low compared to most people that did an Ironman and two half-Ironman races last year. Hard to believe that I spent more time in the water than I did in my running shoes! The IT Band injury kept me from running for 7 weeks before IM and then the 3 weeks after, so I lost 10 weeks of running, which really hurt my running numbers for the year. For comparison, I ran 940 miles in 2010 and 632 in 2009.

2011 Race Results:

2/25/11 – Anthem 5K – 46th in AG, 269th Overall
3/12/11 – Rodes City Run – 53rd in AG, 325th Overall
3/26/11 – Papa John’s 10 Miler – 65th in AG, 346th Overall
4/17/11 – Shelbyville Sprint Tri – 1st in AG, 7th Overall
4/30/11 – KDF miniMarathon – 61st in AG, 408th Overall
5/14/11 – Taylorsville Lake Tri – 5th in AG, 23rd Overall
6/5/11 – TriFest Tri – 2nd in AG, 10th Overall
7/9/11 – Cardinal Tri – 8th in AG, 35th Overall
8/28/11 – Ironman Louisville Tri – 112th in AG, 661st Overall

2011 was a very exciting year and with completing an Ironman, it was obviously my most accomplished year since I started doing triathlons in late 2008. Shifting to shorter races in 2012 has me excited to work on speed and not endurance…which am I better suited for? I guess we’ll find out!
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