Swim Stroke Analysis

A few weeks ago, our local triathlon club, The Louisville Landsharks, held a 100 x 100 swim relay challenge. Teams had to complete 10,000 yards as fast as possible. Our team was able to complete the challenge in around 2 hours and 20 minutes (1:24/100yd avg. pace) and finished in second place out of eight teams.
At some point during this relay, I was video taped by fellow Landshark Jeremy Brown with his cool underwater camera. I finally had a chance to download this video and take a look at my underwater stroke mechanics. I’m sure a trained swim coach would be able to pick this apart better than me, but I did notice a few things that I need to correct.
Here’s the full video. It consists of two segments, I’m in the black/white shorts.

So the first thing that I noticed was that my legs are separating when I rotate to breath. Here’s a screen shot of what I’m doing:

Here’s what it should look like:

Looks like I’m over-rotating a little as well.

Next thing I noticed was that whatever side I am breathing to, my opposite arm pull is crossing over my mid-line. In the picture below, I just completed a breath on my right side, my left arm is crossing over my body’s mid-line:

Here’s what it should look like:

If you look at my right arm pull when breathing on the right, it’s a whole lot better:
Looks very similar to the ideal position:

So I would love to have some more feedback on my stroke. If you or anyone you know has any pointers, please leave a comment below. Thanks!
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