5 Races in 28 Days…

This weekend starts a crazy month of racing for me. Here’s what my race calendar looks like for the next month:

April 15th – Shelbyville Sprint Triathlon
12 days
April 28th – Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon
7 days
May 6th – Rev3 Knoxville Triathlon (Olympic)
5 days
May 12th – TriFest Triathlons (Sprint & Olympic)

While I’m really excited to have all this racing going on, I know that I will need to be careful about over training and put more emphasis on recovery after each race and workout. With only 5 days between my first Olympic distance race of the year in Knoxville and TriFest, where I will do a Sprint Tri at 7:30am and then an Olypmic Tri at 10:00am, I’m going to have to focus on recovering quickly . That means lots more cold showers, compression gear and foam roller action for me!
Good news is that I’ve had some good workouts this week and I’ve been blessed with no injuries so far this season. So I’m feeling healthy and fit heading into this barrage of races.
As for the race this weekend, it marks the fourth and final race of the Shelbyville Sprint Triathlon Series. I’ve enjoyed the first three and have fared pretty well overall. I’ve placed 2nd, 2nd & 3rd in my Age Group and 6th, 6th & 11th Overall. 
This fourth race was the only one that I did last year. I finished in 1:13:04, which was good enough for 1st in my Age Group and 7th Overall. I’d like to beat this time and based on my improved swim, it shouldn’t be a problem. If I can shave some seconds off of my bike and run as well, I will be thrilled.
Hopefully a day full of hauling mulch and planting shrubs and trees tomorrow won’t have me too worn out come Sunday morning!
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