Anthem 5K Race Preview

Tomorrow is my first road race of the year. It’s going to be weird for me to just run 5K and then not have to bike and swim…but that means I can leave it all out on the pavement!
This will be my 4th year in a row running the Anthem 5K Fitness Classic. Here are my previous results:
2009 – 24:28 (7:52 min/mile)
2010 – 21:23 (6:52 min/mile)
2011 – 20:03* (6:27 min/mile)
* Last year’s route was changed at the last minute due to some flooding. The course ended up being a little short (0.07 miles to be exact). So while this is my official 5K PR, it requires an asterisk.
My goal is to break the 20 minute mark tomorrow. Due to the shortness of last year’s race, my actual pace per mile was  6:37. In order to break 20 minutes, this pace needs to get down to 6:25 per mile. Based on my speed work, I think this can be done – but it will involve some pain.
Good luck to all of the members of Team ABILITY that are running tomorrow! I’ve enjoyed helping you guys train for the half marathon next month and I’m sure you will all have an awesome race. See you at the finish line!!
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