Busy morning

It’s days like today that I’m thankful for my gym membership. It was in the low 30’s with light rain…no way that I could run or bike outside this morning. I made it to the gym in time for the 5:45 spin class. Did a good solid hour on the bike with a few long 3-4 minute hills and some ladder intervals at the end. I kept my HR in the low 140’s (zone 3) during the hills and then pushed into the high 150’s (zone 5b) during the intervals. Really good workout and legs responded well after yesterdays long-ish run. Covered approximately 20 miles in an hour.

Hopped off the bike and headed to the pool. Fortunately, there were a few other peeps in the water, so I didn’t have to worry about sweet talking the girl at the front desk to get a pool key. My shoulder showed no side effects after the short 10 minute swim on Tuesday, so I decided to go for a half mile (or as close as I could get…see here for explanation). I felt good and will probably start upping the volume and adding in some drills again next week…feels good to get back into swimming. I was afraid that my form would go to crap after being stuck on land for 3 weeks, but I actually feel like I’m pretty smooth in the water and my times are pretty good.
Swam 912 yards (38 lengths)/0.518 miles in 17:19 (33:57 min/mile)

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