Bye, Bye Prep Phase…

Hello Base 1 Phase! Tomorrow is the last day of the Prep Phase of my training. I’m following the phases outlined in Joe Friel’s “The Triathlete’s Traning Bible”. The Prep phase was basically used get my body back into “shape”. Over the next 12 weeks, I will be in the Base Phase, which is divided into 3 parts, Base 1, 2 & 3.

According to Joe Friel, training in the Base period has been compared with laying the foundation for the construction of a house. Build a solid foundation and the house will be sound and free of cracked walls and sagging corners. Do a very poor job of constructing the foundation and the house is likely to collapse as it is stressed by harsh conditions.

However you like to think about it, the bottom line is that the Base period is when you construct your season. Everything you do after this period is dependent on what you accomplish now. There are four ‘abilities’ Joe says that athlete’s should strive to improve in the Base period: aerobic endurance, speed skills, muscular force and muscular endurance.

You’ll notice a slight change in the type of workouts starting Monday…Base Phase, here I come!

1/2 mile intervals with 1:00 rest in between
First 1/2 mile (warm-up)- 4:07
2 – 3:33
3 – 3:32
4 – 3:34
5 – 3:31
6 – 3:34
7 – 3:33
8 – 3:28
9 – (cool-down) – 4:34
Total workout: 41:30

The track at the gym has a sign telling you to alternate the direction that you run/walk based on what day it is. I’m used to doing my intervals on Tuesday, which is a counter-clockwise day. Today is Friday and was supposed to be a clockwise day, but I ran counter-clockwise without even thinking about it. So my apologizes to anyone that was on the track today and had to run the wrong direction with me. Honestly, if you get upset about something as insignificant as this…you need to re-examine your priorities!

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